Step 1: After you have listed your property. Your property will be found in ‘Unpublished properties’ or on your Bunk dashboard as shown below. 

Step 2: If you have not included any tenants information when uploading the property first hand you will now have to click the ‘edit’ button to edit the listing to change this.  

Step 3: You will now need to go into the Room info section, and change the ‘Do you already have tenants question’ from a No to a yes.

Step 4: After this has been changed with the updated tenant details, please ensure that all information is correct - e.g. the correct tenants email, tenancy agreement dates and payment dates are inputted correctly etc. Then as soon as you are happy that everything is correct, please confirm this. 

Step 5: This will place your property back on your dashboard as ‘unpublished’, if you are happy you have all the correct information and your tenants information correct, please press the ‘complete’ button and publish the property. 

Step 6: You are done! By publishing the property this will create a unique code which can only be used by the tenant(s) to sign up, this code will then be sent to the tenant(s) via email with instructions for them to verify their account and set up payments directly to you! 

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